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degree +‎ -ed


degreed (not comparable)

  1. Having an academic degree.
    • 2009 June 28, Andrew Nikiforuk, “A public tarring in Saudi Canada”, in Toronto Star[1]:
      They insinuated that he had no credibility because he wasn't an industry cancer professional or a highly degreed expert.
    • 1996 October 25, Adam Langer, “Political Gurus”, in Chicago Reader[2]:
      It is presented as pure science, complete with charts, graphs, degreed academics from accredited institutions, and research data to back up its effectiveness--which is obviously how they believe it should be seen but also a handy way to avoid any pesky conflict between church and state.
    • 1999 December 24, Edward McSweegan, “Address to the AAAS”, in Science[3], volume 286, number 5449, DOI:10.1126/science.286.5449.2462, pages 2462-2464:
      I have lived to witness the decline of my own class--the professional, degreed scientist--and the rise of the amateur: the curious, interconnected, data-mining amateur.
    • 1992 April 24, Florence Hamlish Levinsohn, “The Picque of Women Voters”, in Chicago Reader[4]:
      She has been a degreed paralegal for ten years, working for a suburban firm where she specializes in municipal law.