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Alternative forms[edit]


de- +‎ humanize



dehumanize (third-person singular simple present dehumanizes, present participle dehumanizing, simple past and past participle dehumanized)

  1. To take away humanity; to remove or deny human qualities, characteristics, or attributes; to impersonalize.
    • 2003, Stephen P. Garvey, editor, Beyond Repair? America's Death Penalty, →ISBN, page 141:
      And, in this country, the traditional, ingrained way to dehumanize people, to make both their pain and their individuality irrelevant, is to rely on their race.
    • 1968, Stewart L. Udall, 1976: Agenda for Tomorrow, page 3:
      Yet we are dismayed by the failures and forces that dehumanize and defeat the finest dreams and plans of this generation.