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From the Latin adjective dēmēns, from the verb dēmentō. Repopularized by the Harry Potter series.


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dementor (plural dementors)

  1. An evil and fearsome creature.
    • 1850, A pilgrimage to the land of my fathers, p. 423
      [] and by which a certain Rabbi, who was once annoyed by a demon that came to him in the shape of a woman, got rid of his dementor.
    • 2008, The Godmother, Carrie Adams, p. 242:
      [] it was protection against the anorexic dementor standing in front of me.
    • 2009, Dark Immortal, J.K. Coi, p. 172
      Diana needed to reconcile the Alric of now who pressed warm kisses to her temple, who touched her with such gentleness and showed her that he would protect her with his life, with the rage-filled dementor of her nightmares, the Alric she feared was still under the surface.





  1. first-person singular present passive indicative of dēmentō