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Old French[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]



  1. to call upon (as a witness, etc.)
    • 1305, Year books of the reign of Edward the First:
      Par quei, Margerye, volez vous ceo desclamer ?
      Who, Marjorie, do you wish to bear witness to this?
  2. to refute; to deny; to disavow
    • 1314, H. de Mondeville, Chirurgie, page 9 first column
      Les dis de anciens doivent estre desclamiez
      The sayings of the ancients must be disavowed


This verb conjugates as a first-group verb ending in -er. The forms that would normally end in *-ms, *-mt are modified to ns, nt. This verb has a stressed present stem desclaim distinct from the unstressed stem desclam. Old French conjugation varies significantly by date and by region. The following conjugation should be treated as a guide.


  • English: disclaim
  • French: déclamer