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Alternative forms[edit]


Borrowed from Latin discō (I learn). Cognate with Welsh dysgu and Cornish dyski, from the same origin.



deskiñ (mutated o teskiñ)

  1. (transitive) to learn



Personal forms
Indicative Conditional Imperative
Present Imperfect Preterite Future Present Imperfect
1s deskan desken deskis deskin deskfen deskjen -
2s deskez deskes deskjout deski deskfes deskjes desk
3s desk deske deskas desko deskfe deskje desket
1p deskomp deskemp deskjomp deskimp deskfemp deskjemp deskomp
2p deskit deskec'h deskjoc'h deskot deskfec'h deskjec'h deskit
3p deskont deskent deskjont deskint deskfent deskjent deskent
0 desker desked deskjod deskor deskfed deskjed -
Impersonal forms Mutated forms
Infinitive: deskiñ
Present participle: o teskiñ
Past participle: desket (auxiliary verb: kaout)
Soft mutation after a: a zesk-
Mixed mutation after e: e tesk-
Soft mutation after ne/na: ne/na zesk-