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despoil +‎ -er


despoiler (plural despoilers)

  1. One who despoils; one who strips by force; a plunderer.
    • 1881, Rosa Campbell Praed, Policy and Passion, Chapter 30,[1]
      A wild and unreasoning craving for vengeance took possession of Ferris’s soul. Passing by the real despoiler of Angela’s peace, it clamoured like an evil spirit against the man from whom he had received benefits, which his distorted imagination construed into insults.
    • 1953, James Baldwin, Go Tell It on the Mountain, Knopf, Part Two,
      [] he, who had been the untamable despoiler of their daughters, and thief of their women, their walking prince of darkness!
    • 1985, Stephen Jay Gould, The Flamingo’s Smile: Reflections in Natural History, New York: Norton, 1987, Chapter 1,[2]
      Other despoilers of our natural heritage killed bison with even greater abandon, removed the tongue only (considered a great delicacy in some quarters), and left the rest of the carcass to rot.