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Blend of de- +‎ revival



devival (plural devivals)

  1. In the Church of the SubGenius parody religion, an event including sermons, music, etc.
    • 1987, William A. Marsano, Man suffocated by potatoes, page 186:
      In 1985, a "devival meeting" at the Stone Bar in San Francisco's North Beach section came to the unwelcome attention of the police.
    • 1994, Bob Black, Beneath the underground, page 180:
      "Devivals" include ranting preachers, "anti-music" (much like the post-punk "industrial music" genre pioneered by Mail Artist Genesis P-Orridge and his former band Throbbing Gristle) and, behind the scenes, much drug use.
    • 1998, Jan T. Gregor, Tim Cridland, Circus of the scars, page 10:
      "As far as Sideshow acts go, I've done fire and glass. I opened for Henry Rollins and I usually perform at local Sub-Genius Devivals. I also do the Human Pincushion."
    • 2003, Peter Knight, Conspiracy Theories in American History: An Encyclopedia, page 170:
      The “Rapture” of orthodox Christian faith is replaced by the “Rupture,” revivals are replaced by “devivals,” and so on. SubGenii gather to rant about the world and everything in it, as they waited for the coming of the Aliens on X-Day, 4 July 1998 []