diamond crossover

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15. Diamond Crossover


Named after the diamond crossing in its center.


diamond crossover (plural diamond crossovers)

  1. (rail transport) A superimposed pair of crossovers, resembling a letter X, permitting travel in either direction between a pair of parallel tracks.
    • 1916, Lee O. Kellogg (ed.), Details of Practical Mining[1], page 458:
      "In 15 is illustrated the diamond crossover, one of the many kinds in common use."
    • 1955, L.T.C. Rolt, Red for Danger: A History of Railway Accidents and Railway Safety Precautions[2], page 104:
      "It travelled on until the bogie fouled a diamond crossover at the north end of the station where derailment became complete."
    • 1956, Robert William Abbett, American Civil Engineering Practice[3], page 2:
      "Increased height is necessary when scales or a double hump lead with diamond crossover is placed on the descending slope of the hump."
    • 1958, S. Kip Farrington, Railroads of the Hour[4], page 230:
      "A diamond crossover provides each track with access to the entire yard."
    • 1995 — Institution of Civil Engineers (Great Britain), The Channel Tunnel, →ISBN,p. 20.
      "Each chamber contains a diamond crossover designed for 60 km/h running."
    • 2002 — Paul Jannotti, "Thinking outside the box on light rail: Hudson-Bergen project", Railway Track and Structures, August, 2002 [5].
      "The closed-deck ballasted bridge is double-tracked and opens up to a third track through a combination diamond-crossover and double-slip switch before it reaches the bulkhead on the Hoboken side."
    • 2004 — U.S. Federal Register, v. 69 #101, May 25, 2004, p. 29780.
      "The reason given for the proposed changes is that the crossover and switches were installed to replace a diamond crossover. The BNSF is taking their north connecting track out of service, so the control point with the crossover is no longer needed."
    • ~2005 — Robert Ferreira, "North Springs Branch", in "MARTA North Springs and Doraville Branches", http://world.nycsubway.org/us/atlanta/marta-northbranches.html.
      "In December, 1999 a new diamond crossover interlocking was placed into service at Medical Center."


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