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From the verb phrase cross over.


crossover (countable and uncountable, plural crossovers)

  1. A place where one thing crosses over another.
  2. The means by which the crossing is made.
  3. (genetics) The result of the exchange of genetic material during meiosis.
  4. A blend of multiple styles of music or multiple film genres, intended to appeal to a wider audience.
  5. An SUV-like automobile built on a passenger car platform, e.g. the Pontiac Torrent.
    Synonyms: CUV, XUV
  6. (rail transport) A pair of switches and a short, diagonal length of track which together connect two parallel tracks and allow passage between them.
    • 1961 February, “Talking of Trains: Collision at Newcastle”, in Trains Illustrated, page 76:
      The passenger train was signalled from one of the west end bay platforms along the Down South Line; as it passed through a crossover to the Up South Line the freight train, which had been travelling slowly to the Up South Line, over-ran the signal protecting the crossover and came into sidelong collision with it.
  7. A piece of fiction that borrows elements from two or more fictional universes.
  8. (sports) An athlete or swimmer who has competed in more than one of open water swimming, pool swimming, triathlon, and endurance sports.
  9. (basketball) A crossover dribble.
  10. A move in sports that involves crossing one hand or foot in front of another, as in ice skating.
  11. (forestry) The point at which the relative humidity is less than, or equal to, the ambient air temperature.

Derived terms[edit]



crossover (not comparable)

  1. (computing, of an Ethernet cable) Configured so that the transmit signals at one end are connected to the receive signals at the other.




  • (file)


crossover m (plural crossovers)

  1. crossover (car)



crossover m (plural crossovers)

  1. crossover (car)