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Greek δικαστήριον, 'judges', from δίκη 'right, custom, judgement'


dicastery (plural dicasteries)

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  1. A term used by the Holy See corresponding to ministry or department as subdivisions of the papal Curia, referring to the administrative departments of the Vatican City State, as well as strictly ecclesiastical departments of the Catholic Church.
    Since the Supreme Pontiff has immediate, ordinary jurisdiction in every particular church (diocese) in the world, Canon Law affords every Catholic the right of appeal to the Pope. This is done through the Roman dicasteries (Congregations, Councils etc.). Letters should be brief, factual and respectful.Eternal Word Television Network
  2. A judicial body of the ancient Athenian state, made up of dicasts.
    1910 The better cause has conquered; and there is at least this advantage to the Athenian legal system, there will be no appeal nor tedious technicalities before a "higher court." The verdict of the dicastery is final. - William Stearns Davis, A Day in Old Athens, Section 122.

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