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dick +‎ bag


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dickbag (plural dickbags)

  1. (slang, derogatory, offensive) An objectionable person.
    • 1990, Danielle Willis, Dogs in Lingerie, page 28:
      The queens outnumber the dates by about three to one and the dickbags know it []
    • 2008, Jesse Mattson, Into the Den, page 94:
      “What are you dickbags up to? You look like you got something going on here with all that paper lying around on the table,” Mickey said.
    • 2011, Adam Levin, The Instructions
      His brother's a dickbag, and he worships his brother, and he tried to go out with me because Ruth is my sister and he wanted to date a Rothstein like his dickbag brother, but this Rothstein wasn't having it.