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From dick +‎ -ish.



dickish (comparative more dickish, superlative most dickish)

  1. (US, colloquial, vulgar, derogatory) Characteristic of a dick (a contemptible person); offensively unpleasant and vexatious.
    I get so annoyed with his dickish behavior.
    • 1992 February 14, Murphy, Ailsa, “Re: Sex & paganism (was Re: reply)”, in alt.pagan, Usenet[1], retrieved 2018-02-04, message-ID <MAINE.92045.093550IO81409>:
      AZG has fallen in my eyes into the same category as that of Clayton Cramer, Artemus Ward, and the various passing idiots. i will not answer his posts unless he insults me personally, as i think if we all ignore him he will go away. even if we DON'T all ignore him, i don't want to be responsible for keeping him around... (although it is sexist of me to think AZG is a him. some women are that dickish and stupid after all...)
    • 1992 March 31, Wellck, Michael, “Re: College Campus Nudity”, in rec.nude, Usenet[2], retrieved 2018-02-04, message-ID <darkstar.31711>:
      So basically, if any administrative person wanted to be dickish about it, they could take "diciplinary action" it they decided that the presence of a nude body was disruptive (which, unfortunatly, is normally the case).