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diddy (plural diddies)

  1. (slang) A woman's breast.
    • 2005, Sabrina Jeffries, One Night with a Prince, ISBN 1416510273, page 197:
      Then again, a woman with diddies like that is any man's type.
    • 2011, Alison Gangel, The Sun Hasn't Fallen From the Sky, ISBN 1408814404, page 58:
      Your teacher's got massive diddies, in't she?
    • 2015, Martha Long, Run, Lily, Run, ISBN 1848272103, page 155:
      They always have a big belly or a new babby hidden inside the shawl suckin on her diddy.
  2. (Britain, slang) A gypsy.
    • 1943, Journal of the Gypsy Lore Society, page 82:
      Real Gypsies despise them and call them ' diddikais — dirty diddies,' and half the sins laid at their door have been committed by these diddikais.
    • 2011, Mary Ellen Dennis, The Greatest Love on Earth, ISBN 1402249837, page 90:
      Last month a diddy told my fortune.
    • 2012, Curtis Evans, Masters of the "Humdrum" Mystery, ISBN 0786490896:
      To the typical genre reader a diddy would be, to borrow a term from John Dickson Carr, below suspicion.


diddy (comparative diddier, superlative diddiest)

  1. (Britain, informal) very small, tiny
    • 2009, Caitlin Davies, Friends Like Us, ISBN 1847399541:
      I read on the plane all the way to California as well, I read through the meal and through the film, and when people put those diddy little eyeshades on and the cabin lights were dimmed I read then too.
    • 2011, Amanda Egan, Diary of a Mummy Misfit, ISBN 1470904187, page 302:
      He almost set me off though when he held up a diddy little jacket and commented, "It's a shame we only ever had Maxie, hey?"
    • 2013, Angela Woolfe, The Surprising Life of Charlie Glass (size 18 and a Bit), ISBN 0099564696, page 380:
      There's a pear orchard, and a knot garden, and a diddy little lake that's just big enough to swim in . . . hey, if the weather stays like this, we can have a dip tomorrow.


see Thesaurus:tiny