dirty blond

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A woman with dirty blond hair (Jennifer Aniston).

Alternative forms[edit]


dirty blond (comparative more dirty blond, superlative most dirty blond)

  1. Of a dark blond colour/color bordering on light brown.
    dirty blond colour:  
    • 2005, Rick Riordan, Mission Road, Bantam Dell (2006), →ISBN, page 127:
      When I'd known her before, she'd been a ten-year-old kid with a dirty blond ponytail, a shrill voice and painter's pants decorated with Magic Markers.




dirty blond (plural dirty blonds)

  1. A dark shade of blond, bordering on light brown.
    • 1953, Gore Vidal (as Edgar Box), Death Before Bedtime, Vintage Crime/Black Lizard (2011), →ISBN, page 9:
      Her hair was a dirty blond, worn long, and her eyebrows and eyelashes were black, naturally black, and the brows arched.
  2. A person with dark blond hair.
    • 1997, Sherril Jaffe, Ground Rules: What I Learned My Daughter's Fifteenth Year, Kondansha International (1997), →ISBN, page 4:
      "Everyone on my side of the family is a dirty blond. She gets it from her father — which you might not see since he has responded to recent events in our family by going gray."