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dis- +‎ credulous


discredulous (comparative more discredulous, superlative most discredulous)

  1. (proscribed) Unable or unwilling to believe something; incredulous.
    • 1866, "Them Also:" The Story of the Dublin Mission, James Nisbet and Co., page 42:
      My discredulous friend may stare, but let him take this paper for his guide, and go to Lurgan Street, and he will see one of four great ragged schools.
    • 1999 July 28, tedskedz, “Re: Who?”, in alt.support.headaches.migraine, Usenet[1]:
      Their task would be to try to figure out what the triggers were, what meds worked to abort the migraine (with a programed probability of working each specific time, so nothing was an absolute bet.) The doctors they would see would be told to be discredulous and pedantic.
    • 2005 August 8, Norma, “Re: Outcry as charges dropped in rape case despite DNA link”, in alt.uk.edinburgh.misc, Usenet[2]:
      To what degree of explanation does a bus driver have to go when he says 'bus is full'?He is man who has duty of controlling passenger numbers and he has announced his decision. He is not required at ever[sic] stop to parade the passengers for counting by the discredulous or produce all the Acts and Regulations that govern the passenger load of his bus.