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From dis- +‎ establishment.


  • IPA(key): /dɪs.ɪsˈtæblɪʃ.mənt/


disestablishment (countable and uncountable, plural disestablishments)

  1. The taking apart or dissolution of something that had been established.
  2. Specifically, the removal of state privileges or patronage from a given church; the removal of a policy of having an official governing religion.
    • 1972, Christopher Hill, The World Turned Upside Down, Folio Society, published 2016, page 77:
      Disestablishment of the church would deprive the gentry of another property right – the right of presentation to a living, a right for which they or their ancestors had paid hard cash and which gave them useful opportunities of providing for a younger son or a poor relation.
    • 2009, Ruth Gledhill, The Times, 21 October:
      As evangelicals defect in one direction and traditionalists in the other, and disestablishment beckons with the reform of the House of Lords […].

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