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disparate +‎ -ency


disparency (countable and uncountable, plural disparencies)

  1. (proscribed) A significant discrepancy.
    • 1921, Canadian Dental Association, Dominion Dental Journal, volume 33:
      Any insufficient tax payable bears interest on the amount of the disparency at the rate of 6 per cent, per annum from April 30th to the time of payment.
    • 1971, Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications, Bulletin - Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications, volume 7:
      There seems to be a slight disparency about the title, for on the inside front cover it is given as "Introduction to Econometric Methods," but the title of the book itself is "Econometrics," which is a far more accurate description.
    • 2008, Bernard Frischer, Beyond illustration: 2d and 3d digital technologies as tools for discovery in archaeology:
      Similar problems arise in the medical field as well, where the disparency between computer tools and formal education methods is acknowledged.