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dis- +‎ parented


disparented (not comparable)

  1. Having been deprived of one's parents
    • 1906 April 18,, “Myriands of Divorces Are Invalidated by Supreme Court Edict”, in The San Francisco Call[1], page 1:
    • 2012, “International Orphan Care”, in Impact Orphans[2], retrieved 2012-09-30:
      We will however take deliberate steps to help individual children, to help families tragically disparented as a result of HIV/AIDS, to help communities where orphan children outnumber the adult population and extreme poverty is ravaging opportunity, health, and joy.
  2. (nonstandard) Having no parents; parentless, orphaned.
    • 1853, Society for the Reformation of Juvenile Delinquents in the City of New-York, Anunual Report, volume 28:
      Here is a home for these disparented children, in many cases a more comfortable and a happier one than they have ever known before, where they are properly clothed, fed, and accommodated, receive instruction in the ordinary branches of common school education, are trained to habits of industry by regular daily employment, and have instilled into their minds those principles of moral and religious truth, which will fit them for a life of virtue, happiness, and usefulness.