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dissertation +‎ -al


dissertational (comparative more dissertational, superlative most dissertational)

  1. Resembling or pertaining to dissertations.
    • 1852 July, “Contemporary Literature of America”, in The Westminster Review[1], page 154:
      Its only value consists in some dissertational notes at the end on the literature of charity, population, pauperism, political economy, and Protestantism.
    • 1992, Sheldon Gardner, Red Vienna and the Golden Age of Psychology, 1918-1938, page 201:
      Charlotte's dissertational research focused on children's fairy tales and during her appointment as an instructor at Dresden Technical College, she continued her systematic research of literature, focusing on adolescent psychology []
    • 2016, Almut Schilling-Vacaflor, New Constitutionalism in Latin America: Promises and Practices:
      Counting words or lines compromises comparability across constitutions since the diversity of languages and juridical cultures means there are different literary styles, so that some constitutions are more dissertational []