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From dis- +‎ service.



disservice (countable and uncountable, plural disservices)

  1. Service that results in harm; an (intentionally or unintentionally) unhelpful, harmful action.
    One renders young people a disservice by heaping unearned rewards on them.
    • 2014, Michele Kaschub, Janice Smith, Promising Practices in 21st Century Music Teacher Education, Oxford University Press, →ISBN:
      Often schools of music focus solely on the canon of Western classical art music, but this is a disservice to music educators who will have to deal with students from many different backgrounds and preferences.
    • 2018 July 5, Sam Greer, “Games want to offer us many roads but Kentucky Route Zero is the one road that matters”, in Eurogamer[1]:
      Treating narratives like something you can stretch out to give more value does a disservice to players and our engagement.



disservice (third-person singular simple present disservices, present participle disservicing, simple past and past participle disserviced)

  1. To disserve, to provide a disservice to; to provide harmful or inadequate service to.
    • 1975, Sarah Katharine Thomson, Learning resource centers in community colleges:
      One librarian said, "I could double the circulation tomorrow by closing the periodical stacks and counting every time I handed out a magazine, but I would be disservicing our readers."


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