dissident right

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Coined by American nationalists and white supremacists to make their movement more attractive to disaffected youths. The term referred to them being "dissidents" against either perceived leftist influence in modern Western society, or conservatives who did not support them or failed their standards.


dissident right (plural dissident rights)

  1. (US politics) Far-right political groups who oppose mainstream conservatism, promoting more radical beliefs such as opposition to LGBT people and non-White identity politics, anti-Semitism, white nationalism and white supremacy, and traditionalist nationalism.
    • 2017, Vox[1]
      It’s a battle that’s both personality-driven and ideological, between supporters of Spencer and the “alt-right” more generally and supporters of the “dissident right” or the so-called “America First” movement, led in part by 22-year-old Nick Fuentes, a former conservative radio host and Unite the Right attendee who is growing in popularity with the white nationalist movement.
      2020, The Hill [2]
      Other groups identify as “mainstreamers” or the “dissident right” and attempt to move mainstream politics to accept white supremacist ideas.

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