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distinguish +‎ -ment.


  • IPA(key): /dɪsˈtɪŋɡ.wɪʃ.mənt/


distinguishment (countable and uncountable, plural distinguishments)

  1. A distinction; observation of difference.
    • 1865, John Grote, Exploratio philosophica: rough notes on modern intellectual science, Part 1, University of Cambridge, page 50:
      "We notice what we notice and make it a thing distinguishing it from what else is within our view, partly because, doubtless, it is of such or such a size and shape: but we require more impulse to the notice and distinguishment than this furnishes."
    • 1833; Samuel Lewis Southard, Joseph Hendrickson, Thomas L. Shotwell, Edward Hopper; Argument of Samuel L. Southard: in the case of Stacy Decow and Joseph Hendrickson versus Thomas L. Shotwell, page 157:
      "And first, in your doctrines of God, whom you say is to be known and believed on, as in the distinguishment of three persons...


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