divvy van

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From a diminutive of divisional + van.


divvy van (plural divvy vans)

  1. (Australia, slang) A police van.
    • 2009, Kalinda Ashton, The Danger Game[1], page 84:
      On the way back I walked through the Block, then past the Aboriginal Legal Service and three divvy vans. One of the constables wound down his window and put his radio in his lap. ‘Hold onto your purse, Lady.’
    • 2010, Jeremy Chambers, The Vintage and the Gleaning[2], page 249:
      Lucky they got them in the divvy vans quick as they did. You hear about that? Had to bring in divvy vans far as bloody Albury to take them off. Had them in lock-ups all over the place.
    • 2011, Jacob Staring, My Life: How I Overcame Stress, Depression, and Communication Breakdowns[3], page 16:
      Someone called the police and there were eight divvy vans at the front of our court. I must have been very evil. On the first fire I started in my backyard, I put a lot of things on that fire, petrol, tyres, wood, and many more things.