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A clipped form of do one's easement, a former euphemism for easing one's bowels.


do one's ease (third-person singular simple present does one's ease, present participle doing one's ease, simple past did one's ease, past participle done one's ease)

  1. (euphemistic, obsolete) To ease one's bowels; to defecate.
    • 1620 May 12, James Howell, “XVIII. To Sir James Crofts, from Paris.”, in Epistolæ Ho-Elianæ. Familiar Letters Domestic and Forren. [], volume I, 3rd edition, London: Printed for Humphrey Mos[e]ley, [], published 1655, OCLC 84295516, section I, page 26:
      Another time, the old Duke of Main, who was uſed to play the drol with him, coming ſoftly into his Bedchamber, and thruſting in his Bald-head, and Long-neck, in a poſture to make the King merry, it happened the King was come from doing his Eaſe, and ſpying him, he took the round Cover of the Cloſe-ſtool, and clap'd it on his Bald-Sconce, []


Derived terms[edit]


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