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dog +‎ fur


dogfur (usually uncountable, plural dogfurs)

  1. (often used attributively to modify other nouns) Alternative spelling of dog fur
    • 1947, in a collection of Soviet short stories published by the Foreign Languages Publishing House, page 301:
      She took him into a little restaurant, but two Rumanian policemen in heavy winter coats with dogfur collars were having their breakfast there and she was afraid that without identification papers she would be arrested []
    • 1975, Michael Borich, The Black Hawk songs, page 21:
      we will put horsemeat and flesh of decayed animals and then tree roots and dogfur.
    • 1997, in HSUS news, volume 42/44, issue 1, page 105:
      In a Chinese factory, piles of dogfurs (right) are turned into coats and jackets.
    • 2000, Dale Pesmen, Russia and Soul: An Exploration, page 290:
      [] condensed milk, condoms, newspapers of varied dates, and bottles with misspelled English outside and stolen industrial alcohol inside. Leather miniskirts in mink berets stepped over drunk quilted peasant jackets in dogfur hats []
    • 2006, Stephen King, Cell: a novel, page 11:
      Clay recognized him by his dogfur goatee.