dole bludger

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Alternative forms[edit]


From dole + bludger.


dole bludger (plural dole bludgers)

  1. (Australia, New Zealand, pejorative, slang) An unemployed person who has no intention of seeking a job, and survives on government-funded unemployment benefits.
    • 1981, Australian Senate, Parliamentary Debates, Senate Weekly Hansard[1], volume 88, page 697:
      As I said earlier, the Prime Minster and the Minister for Employment and Youth Affairs have unmercifully labelled sections of the unemployed as dole bludgers.
    • 1993, Ken Hunt, Mike Taylor, The Xenophobe′s Guide to the Aussies, 2004, page 13,
      People who do not support the common good, such as dole bludgers (social security cheats) fall outside the mateship fold.
    • 1997, Noel Pearson, Shifting Ground Indeed, in 2011, Up from the Mission: Selected Writings, page 73,
      So from day one of the new government we saw a sustained orgy of divisiveness and meanness about immigration, Aborigines and dole bludgers.