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Alternative forms[edit]


Perhaps from German doof (stupid), from Low German where it originally means "deaf"; akin to English deaf.


  • Rhymes: -uːfəs
  • IPA(key): /ˈduːfəs/
  • (file)


doofus (plural doofuses or doofi)

  1. (slang) A person with poor judgment and taste.
    Stocks Genius or Dot-Com Doofus? – Wired News
    Danny is such a doofus!
    • 1998, Ann Rule, In the Name of Love, in In the Name of Love and Other True Cases: Ann Rule's Crime Files Volume 4, page 185,
      Nichols had called Bonilla a doofus who was too damn stupid to realize that he was being taken by a hooker with a convincing sob story.
      Even if Steve was a doofus, Nichols and Rand were quite willing to work for him as long as he had money.
    • 2000, Roger L. Welsch, Love, Sex and Tractors[1], page 16:
      They weren't excited about acquiring new information; they were relieved to find out they aren't the only doofuses (or maybe the word is "doofi") in the world of rusty machinery.
    • 2005 October 17, Kevin Amorin, Mewsday, quoted in 2007, Troth Wells, T-Shirt, page 14,
      Being too young to attend a show on Bowie's 1983 Serious Moonlight tour, I did what any underage doofus would do. I bought a concert T-shirt – three-quarter-length blue sleeves, image of Major Tom himself on the front.
    • 2009, B. K. Holway, When Jack Was with Us[2], page 115:
      "I never seen so many doofuses in one place!"
      "That's doofi, Krakauer. Sorry to correct you."
    • 2014, G. Richard Bozarth, Bible Tales for Ages 18 and Up[3], page 219:
      "No problem. You get a bimbo babe who's engaged to a doofus who will fall for the virgin birth line and still marry her. [] However, I don't think a doofus fiancé will be hard to find; there's no shortage of doofuses on the earth."


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