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Short for booby. The noun sense "fool" appears near the beginning of the twentieth century, while the noun sense "breast" dates to around 1945.



boob (plural boobs)

  1. (informal, pejorative) Idiot, fool.
    • 1914, George Vere Hobart, Boobs, as Seen by John Henry, OCLC 14521032, page 75:
      Not having an ear for music it annoys me to hear the boobs squeal.
    • 2013: US Magazine
      He said he felt like such a boob in school and nobody talked to him.
  2. (slang) A breast, especially that of a human adult or adolescent female.
    • 1945, James T Farrell, Judgement Day, OCLC 186789080, page 314:
      Tough luck. Too quick in covering to let them see her boobs.
    • 1974, Ernest Brawley, The Rap, page 256:
      Her boob had fallen out of her nightgown and now lay limp against the stained sheet.
    • 2013, book cover for Mommy Has a Boo Boo in Her Boob by Kim Haskan
      Mommy Has a Boo Boo in Her Boob was written to help families who have been affected by breast cancer.



boob (not comparable)

  1. (informal, pejorative) Idiotic, foolish.
    • 1971, Robert Beck, The Naked Soul of Iceberg Slim, ISBN 0870674145, page 220:
      Brother, to survive we must strip our total beings of any boob black bourgeoisie values and creampuff attitudes toward the horror in America which we might have absorbed.


boob (third-person singular simple present boobs, present participle boobing, simple past and past participle boobed)

  1. To behave stupidly; to act like a boob.
    • 1969, Colin Watson, The Flaxborough Chronicle, OCLC 26730196, page 250:
      After three hits his cleverness ran out. He boobed.
  2. (informal, intransitive) To make a mistake
    • 1969, “Alchemy”, in The Canadian Forum, volume 49, page 211:
      ...the younger generation will not altogether be grateful for the book in which they are contained — especially when he boobs in calling the Weavers a rock ensemble.