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A woman in a tube top.


  • (television): An allusion to the idiocy of television programming and the supposed audience for such (boobs) and that televisions of the era used cathode ray tube (CRT) vacuum tube displays.
  • (clothing): From it being a tube-like garment that covers the breasts (boobs) of a woman.


boob tube (plural boob tubes)

  1. (US, informal, dated, derogatory) A television.
    Synonym: idiot box
  2. (British, informal) A type of woman's upper body garment consisting of a taut band of cloth around the breasts and back.
    Synonym: (US) tube top
    • 2015, Oscar Phoenix, This Hostage to Fortune:
      At the same time, Tara puts her arms into her boob tube.

Usage notes[edit]

The word used as a synonym for television was heard as early as 1965 on an episode of The Munsters. It was probably in use before that time.