door prize

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Alternative forms[edit]


door prize (plural door prizes)

  1. A gift given to people who attend a meeting, party, event, etc., especially one which is given on a random basis to one or some of the attendees.
    • 1948 July 5, “Republicans: How He Did It”, in Time:
      Dewey infantrymen passed out soft drinks and small favors to gawking visitors and gave every 200th visitor a door prize.
    • 1989 August 13, “Westchester Guide”, in New York Times, retrieved 9 Aug. 2011:
      Spectators are admitted free and are eligible to win a door prize of two tickets to the United States Open Championships at Flushing Meadows.
  2. (cycling, humorous) A notional prize awarded to a cyclist who collides with the open door of a parked car.