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Alternative forms[edit]


doosed (comparative more doosed, superlative most doosed)

  1. (degree, dated) Eye dialect spelling of deuced.
    • c. 1867, Anthony Trollope, The Claverings[1]:
      "Upon my word she's a doosed good-looking little thing," said Archie, coming up to him, after having also shaken hands with her; — "doosed good-looking, I call her."
    • 1872, Laurence William M. Lockhart, Fair to see[2], page 149:
      I thought my nephew a fool ; I now know that he is a doosed sensible fellow, and the luckiest dog in Christendom — luckiest dog in Christendom, I declare.
    • 1938, G.B. Lancaster (Edith Joan Lyttleton), Promenade[3], page 143:
      Accepted me, did she? Doosed awkward, that. I thought she had more sense.