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Etymology 1[edit]



dooced (comparative more dooced, superlative most dooced)

  1. (dated, dialectal) Deuced.
    • 1864, Charles Dickens, All the Year Round
      Should have liked to belong to that set, only they drank so dooced hard.
    • 1878, John Byrne Leicester Warren, Salvia Richmond
      "Dooced good fishing in Blankshire," threw in Charlie Mayne.

Etymology 2[edit]

Coined in 2002 from the pseudonym of American blogger Heather Armstrong.



  1. (Internet slang) Dismissed from one's job as a result of one's actions on the Internet.
    • 2007, Erik Ringmar, A Blogger's Manifesto
      Bill Poon in California got dooced from a burger joint when he posted a picture of his boss on MySpace.
    • 2007, Laurie J Mullins, Management and Organisational Behaviour
      Careless blogging can get you dooced.