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dot-com (plural dot-coms)

  1. Alternative spelling of dotcom
    • 2001, Banking & Finance, Academic Foundation, →ISBN, page 46:
      Dot-com companies are different from the traditional 'brick and mortar' in many ways ...

Derived terms[edit]


dot-com (third-person singular simple present dot-coms, present participle dot-comming, simple past and past participle dot-commed)

  1. Alternative spelling of dotcom
    • 2001, Samantha Miller, E-Mail Etiquette, →ISBN:
      Check to see if your name—or any Web site name you pick—has been dot-commed yet at any of several Web sites that oversee domain-name registration, such as ...
    • 2006, David Kuo, Tempting Faith: An Inside Story of Political Seduction, →ISBN:
      In July 1999, while I was dot-comming in Virginia, Governor Bush went to Indianapolis, home of Mayor Stephen Goldsmith's “Front Porch Alliance.”
    • 2010, Jordan Belfort, Catching the Wolf of Wall Street, →ISBN:
      When I landed in New York, I went straight to work—finding the refi boom accelerating at an exponential rate. In 2000, Americans had dot-commed themselves to death; in 2001, they were mortgaging themselves to death.

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