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douchebag +‎ -ery


  • IPA(key): /ˌduːʃˈbæɡəɹi/, /ˈduːʃˌbæɡəɹi/
  • (file)
  • Hyphenation: douche‧bag‧gery


douchebaggery (countable and uncountable, plural douchebaggeries)

  1. (slang) Contemptible or obnoxious behaviour. [from 20th c.]
    • 1998 June 11, Carlton, Roy, “Re: WANKADIA PAUL SAPAL MICHAEL - jerkwad??”, in alt.config, Usenet[1], retrieved 2018-10-04, message-ID <6lo7o5$>:
      This kind of douchebagery deserves no reply...
    • 1999 September 8, Zirin, Rom, “Re: changes”, in, Usenet[2], retrieved 2018-10-04, message-ID <7r4n78$o8i$>:
      Perhaps he imagines that by planting this request and filling it so conveniently, those who have been downloading mp3s will fall for it. In this way he can "get" us and "teach us a lesson." A very immature and obvious attempt by the king of douchebagery.
    • 2000 July 10, Sheldon via, “Re: Choices at Penzeys”,, Usenet
      Watkins obviously promotes low life douche baggery.
      Mr Al doesn't quite suit you... seems to elicit that used car dealer odor.
    • 2002 April 10, Isaiah Camacho, “Re: Kick 'er out of the house!^”,, Usenet
      The only way for you to do that is to support your position. Agressive[sic] douchebaggery and asserting that your position is unquestionable won't work on me.
    • 2004 April 21, James Andrews, “record geeks”,, Usenet
      I don't know why i don't just turn the page whenever i see the name jonathan valania in the byline. I just don't, OK? I read it, I get annoyed at the incessant douchebaggery, and I come over here to piss all y'all off
    • 2004 September 23, Joseph Michael Bay, “Re: Protesters Get Creamed at Dem Rallies, Too!!”,, Usenet
      Unless the daughter was in on it, it's remarkable douchebaggery.
    • 2005 March 1, John Shaughnessy, “Re: Going gig rates?”, alt.guitar.bass, Usenet
      So basically what this asshole wants is a minstrel show for a lily white audience.... I've seen a lot of douchebaggery in this biz, but that one takes the cake.
    • 2005 April 6, Adrian Cocot, “Re: UCL 2004-2005 Quarter-Finals Day Two”,, Usenet
      Actually, with a better centre back who won't be pushed around by Drogba's douchebaggery in the box, Bayern would have a better chance.