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Dutch actors Wim van den Heuvel and Yoka Berretty in 1961 during a rehearsal for the television game show Literatuur (Literature)


Chosen for the rhyme.



drama llama (plural drama llamas)

  1. (slang) A histrionic person. [from the 1990s]
    • 2011, Gillian M. Henriques; Toshana N. Sledge; Tina Turner; Marcy Bomhak, Hers to Treasure: 100 Devotional/Journal from Sisters in Christ (Women's Fellowship), Bloomington, Ind.: WestBow Press, ISBN 978-1-4497-3142-7, page 173:
      Drama is consuming. It destroys relationships. It opens a door for gossip, lying, and jealousy and is a big, fat time-sucker. The Scripture above says it all! You and I both know when the drama llama, has not just paid a visit, but also made herself right at home. It is time to evaluate your life—starting with yourself—and kick that Llama out the door.
    • 2012, Mary Griggs, Crash Stop, Tallahassee, Fla.: Bella Books, ISBN 978-1-59493-308-0:
      "Aw, Mom. Don't be a drama llama." / "Excuse me?" / "You know, don't make a fuss about nothing." / "But why a llama?" / "Because a drama llama throws drama around like a llama spits. Everywhere!"
    • 2013, Rose Impey, Llama Drama – In It To Win It! (Awesome Animals), HarperCollins Children's Books, ISBN 978-0-00-749481-1:
      It was certainly true that Lewie was no ordinary llama. Other llamas didn't spend their days singing and dancing and acting! Even his parents, Mama and Papa Llama, had to admit that Lewie was a bit of a Drama Llama.
    • 2015, Dena Celeste, Her Master's Gift (The Edge), Klawock, Ak.: Decadent Publishing, ISBN 978-1-61333-826-1, page 19:
      I try not to pay too much attention to the drama-llamas and gossip.