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dream +‎ worker.



dreamworker (plural dreamworkers)

  1. A person who attempts to discover what deeper meaning might be contained in his or her own, or another person's, dreams.
    • 1955, William York Tindall, “The Trotting Mouse”, in The Literary Symbol, New York, N.Y.: Columbia University Press, →OCLC, page 168:
      Taking elements commended to his notice by some similarity of function or feeling, the dream-worker combines them in one image or act.
    • 1986, Nancy Parsifal-Charles, The Dream: 4,000 Years of Theory and Practice: A Critical, Descriptive, and Encyclopedic Bibliography, volume 2, West Cornwall, Conn.: Locust Hill Press, →ISBN:
      This large coffee-table publication is designed to satisfy the emotional and aesthetic rather than the intellectual needs of the serious dreamworker. And, in this respect, it succeeds.
    • 1993, “Introduction”, in Gayle [M. V.] Delaney, editor, New Directions in Dream Interpretation (SUNY Series in Dream Studies), Albany, N.Y.: State University of New York Press, →ISBN, page 1:
      Contemporary methods of dream interpretation have changed a great deal in the last few decades. Most effective therapists and dream specialists no longer rigidly follow the seminal, but often limiting, doctrines of Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, or Fritz Perls. Today's leading dreamworkers have taken the best from Freud, Jung, Medard Boss, and recent sleep and dream research to synthesize new and fresh approaches.
    • 2012, Ray Douglas, “The Dream Workshops Approach”, in Dreams: Evolution, and Destiny, 2nd edition, [Bridgnorth, Shropshire]: Dreamstairway Books, →ISBN, pages 91–92:
      Filled with a backlog of unformulated and unresolved problems, the memories of your dreams may seem like a confused, tangled web of interlinking events and social relationships. If this is so, if you are suffering from 'dream indigestion', it may be right for you to seek out a dreamworker, or fellow dreamers who will help you to unravel your dreams and reach a constructive conclusion.

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