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From drear +‎ -some.


drearsome (comparative more drearsome, superlative most drearsome)

  1. Marked by dreariness; characteristically dreary.
    • 2008, Leslie Thomas, In My Wildest Dreams:
      It seemed to me illogical that, at some expense, the Government was going to keep me for eighteen months doing something for which I had no aptitude whatever. Even when I eventually settled to the dull and drearsome life in the Pay Office in Singapore, I had good shorthand speed and I could type, but these jobs were allotted to civilians while I tried to make sense of army accounting.
    • 2013, Amanda Scott, Dangerous Illusions:
      “[...] And as if it were your custom to wear your best habit on a drearsome day like this one. The old blue one were good enough for Miss Charley and Miss Melissa afore today.”