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Alternative forms[edit]


From drinking +‎ cup. Compare Old English drenccuppe (drinking-cup).


drinking-cup (plural drinking-cups)

  1. A cup for drinking
    • 2015, A.J. Cronin, The Stars Look Down:
      He took the drinking cup—funny, like a little teapot!—and held it to her white lips. She raised her hand weakly and took the drinking-cup. Then a faint shiver went through her body. The liquid in the drinking-cup spilled all over her nightgown.
    • 2015, John Kendrick Bangs, The Water Ghost and Others: Bangs Classic Collection:
      "He smiled pleasantly as I said this, and then drew out of his coattail pocket a small tin box, which, until he opened it, I supposed contained a drinking-cup—one of those folding tin cups. [] "
    • 2015, Ward Rutherford, Celtic Mythology:
      Battered, exhausted, more dead than alive, she falls through the smoke hole of the house of the Ulster chieftain Etar and into a drinking-cup.
    • 2016, Edward Breck, The Way Of The Woods:
      A good drinking-cup is fashioned of a parallelogram of birchbark twisted into pyramid form and fastened with a split stick.
    • 2016, James E. Harding, The Love of David and Jonathan:
      If the match is deemed appropriate, the lover hands over customary gifts, which include dress for battle , an ox for sacrifice, a drinking-cup, and other unspecified expensive gifts.