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driver reviver (plural driver revivers)

  1. (Australia) a temporary roadside rest stop, often sponsored by local businesses, used to allow drivers a rest on long road trips in order to improve road safety.
    • 2007, Michael McGirr, Bypass: The Story of a Road[1], page 109:
      The implication was that the driver reviver was a conspiracy designed to marginalise Catholics and that the organisers could expect a final reckoning. Indeed, there was a final reckoning. By the end of the Easter break, volunteers had made 18,000 cups of tea and coffee, all offered as a gesture of friendship to strangers, but evidently the work of Satan.
    • 2007, Laurel Evelyn Dyson, Max A. N. Hendriks, Stephen Grant, Information Technology and Indigenous People, page 279,
      The Wilcannia CTC[Community Technology Centre] planned to establish a small local museum in the same building and a driver reviver centre to encourage passing tourists into the building.
    • 2010, Lee Mylne, Marc Llewellyn, Ron Crittall, Lee Atkinson, Frommer's Australia 2011, unnumbered page,
      In some states, “driver reviver” stations operate on major roads during holiday periods. They serve free tea, coffee, and cookies, and are often at roadside picnic areas that have restrooms.