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driver reviver (plural driver revivers)

  1. (Australia) a temporary roadside rest stop, often sponsored by local businesses, used to allow drivers a rest on long road trips in order to improve road safety.
    • 2007, Michael McGirr, Bypass: The Story of a Road[1], page 109:
      The implication was that the driver reviver was a conspiracy designed to marginalise Catholics and that the organisers could expect a final reckoning. Indeed, there was a final reckoning. By the end of the Easter break, volunteers had made 18,000 cups of tea and coffee, all offered as a gesture of friendship to strangers, but evidently the work of Satan.
    • 2007, Laurel Evelyn Dyson, Max A. N. Hendriks, Stephen Grant, Information Technology and Indigenous People, page 279:
      The Wilcannia CTC[Community Technology Centre] planned to establish a small local museum in the same building and a driver reviver centre to encourage passing tourists into the building.
    • 2010, Lee Mylne, Marc Llewellyn, Ron Crittall, Lee Atkinson, Frommer's Australia 2011, unnumbered page:
      In some states, “driver reviver” stations operate on major roads during holiday periods. They serve free tea, coffee, and cookies, and are often at roadside picnic areas that have restrooms.