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droog +‎ -ish


droogish (comparative more droogish, superlative most droogish)

  1. Amoral and savage, like a droog.
    • 1973, William Faure, Images of Violence
      In the second case, when droogish chivalry is revealed as illusory, Kubrick makes the scene ironic by timing it to Gene Kelly's song of joy from Singin' in the Rain (1952).
    • 1988, Mark Crispin Miller, Boxed In: The Culture of TV
      The rock star's droogish image had taken on a revolutionary glow; his music rang like a call to insurrection...
    • 1993, Human Life Foundation, The Human Life Review
      These particular refugees have escaped the Droogish nightmare of Red Chinese environmentalists and are ensnared now in the grinding bureaucracy of immigration court.
    • 2004, Denis Wood, Five Billion Years of Global Change
      I find the description wonderfully familiar, less the droogish quality, than the loosey-goosey opportunism.