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drop off the radar (third-person singular simple present drops off the radar, present participle dropping off the radar, simple past and past participle dropped off the radar)

  1. (idiomatic) To vanish or fall into obscurity.
    • 2003, Daniel Bukszpan, Ronnie James Dio, The Encyclopedia of Heavy Metal
      Not long after that, the band seemed to drop off the radar entirely, leading many to assume that they had broken up...
    • 2006, Laurie Pasiuk, Vault Guide to the Top Internet Industry Employers:
      So why have users stuck with the site when so many other search engines have dropped off the radar? Well, they're not logging on just for the search engine.
    • 5 December 2009, Toronto Star - One-hit wonders make a musical smash
      Greenbaum didn't dramatically drop off the radar as soon as that song peaked, but kept slogging away for five years with diminishing returns...

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