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drove +‎ way



droveway (plural droveways)

  1. A road or track along which livestock are (or historically were) regularly driven.
    Synonyms: drove, drove road, drovers' road, drovers' way, driftway, driveway (uncommon)
    Coordinate term: cowpath
    • 2015, Stephen Rippon, Chris Smart, Ben Pears, The Fields of Britannia: Continuity and Change in the Late Roman and Early Medieval Landscape, OUP Oxford, →ISBN, page 160:
      In the first [] , a series of droveways ran north from the coastal marshes, across lighter soils, as far as the edge of the claylands that were open pasture, while a further series of droveways ran from a series of upland commons across the gravel hills to the northern edge of the clayland pastures: []