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drive +‎ way


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driveway (plural driveways)

  1. (UK, US) A short private road that leads to a house or garage.
  2. (US) A road that enters or circulates through a defined area, such as an institution, compound, land area, etc., for the purpose of private access, maintenance, or security.
    • 1988 April, Joseph Truni, “Asphalt Answers”, in Popular Mechanics[1], page 127:
      The design originally called for a 1-lane-wide driveway leading from the street to the parking area.
    • 2020 October 28, Franco La Monica, Catch 44[2], Meadville, Pennsylvania: Christian Faith Publishing, →ISBN, page 37:
      They drove in the driveway into the parking lot that was totally full.
  3. (uncommon) Synonym of droveway
    • 1991, Robin Rose, “Appendix C: Resource Assessment: North Powder National Wild and Scenic River. USDA, Forest Service, Wallowa-Whitman National Forest”, in Environmental Assessment for the North Powder Wild and Scenic River Management Plan[3], US Department of Agriculture, page 12:
      The river corridor had also been used as a driveway for sheep in the past. Prior to the gold rush era, it is likely that early day trappers traveled the corridor.
    • 2022, Outdoors Southwest, “Journey through New Mexico”, in Outdoors Southwest[4], retrieved 2023-09-13:
      Magdalena became a major cattle town, securing one of the largest stockyard shipping pens in the Southwest beginning in 1885. "The Magdalena Trail" was a cowboy's destination driving and herding cattle and sheep to the stockyards. So prominent was this trail that it was officially claimed as a "driveway for cattle" by the Grazing Homestead Act of 1916. Today in Magdalena the wooden stockyards, worn by weather and time, still stand as a testament to the Old West Cattle Drives.


  • (short private road that leads to a house or garage): drive (UK)
  • (road that enters or circulates through a defined area): service road, access road

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