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dubstep +‎ -er


dubstepper (plural dubsteppers)

  1. (rare) Someone involved with dubstep music, as a performer, fan etc.
    • 2007, Hip-hop Connection, number 210-211, page 107:
      Which just leaves us time to recommend Dalek's new set Abandoned Language', Roll Deep's comeback mix CD, dubstepper Distance's My Demons' platter and Worcester based hip hop loving electronica masher Mad EP []
    • 2008, The Wire, volume 293-298, page 108:
      Other highlights include Junior Boys live and DJ sets from dubstepper Skream and Glasgow's Optimo.
    • 2010, Christine Neilson, ViVACE: 2[1], page 19:
      There are quite a few others, but any true dubstepper knows these tunes and will consider them classics later.