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A dumpcart (illustration from "Blasts" from The Ram's Horn (1902))

Alternative forms[edit]


dump +‎ cart


dumpcart (plural dumpcarts)

  1. A cart, often two-wheeled, that can be tilted to empty its contents.
    • 1942, Emily Carr, The Book of Small, "Cook Street," [1]
      When James' Bay mud flats had become too "towny" to be a rubbish heap any more, the little two-wheeled, one-horse dump-carts trundled their loads of garbage to the unmade end of Cook Street and spilled it among the boggy ooze.
    • 1955, Albert Camus, "The Minotaur, or the Stop in Oran" (1939), translated by Justin O'Brien, New York: Vintage, 1991, p. 176,
      Farther on, dump-carts tip their loads over the slopes; and the rocks, suddenly poured seaward, bound and roll into the water, each large lump followed by a scattering of lighter stones.