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From duper (to dupe, to fool) +‎ -erie.



duperie f (plural duperies)

  1. hoax; con; windup
    • 1955, Claude Lévi-Strauss, chapter VII, in Tristes Tropiques, Plon, published 1993, →ISBN, page 67; republished as John & Doreen Weightman, transl., Tristes Tropiques, Penguin, 2011, →ISBN:
      Je comprends alors la passion, la folie, la duperie des récits de voyage. Ils apportent l’illusion de ce qui n’existe plus et qui devrait être encore, pour que nous échappions à l’accablante évidence que vingt mille ans d’histoire sont joués.
      — So I can understand the mad passion for travel books and their deceptiveness. They create the illusion of something which no longer exists but still should exist, if we were to have any hope of avoiding the overwhelming conclusion that the history of the past twenty thousand years is irrevocable.

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