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From the Modern English acronym DWIM (Do What I Mean).[1]



dwimmery (uncountable) (computing, humorous)

  1. A computer program's ability to sense the user's intentions rather than work according to a well-defined specification.
    • 2005, Damian Conway, Perl Best Practices:
      This dwimmery causes the model to show that polar melting rates have absolutely no connection to world climate in general, and to rising ocean levels in particular.
    • 2005 May 6, Larry Wall, “stdio”, in perl.perl6.language, Usenet:
      I think that, as with various other parts of Perl 6, we can try to sweep all the dwimmery into one spot so that it can be easily recognized and/or avoided.
    • 2007 November 11, Michele Dondi, “Why can't you slice an array @a[3..-1]?”, in comp.lang.perl.misc, Usenet:
      The big challenge of Perl 6 is to achieve a high degree of dwimmery

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