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  1. Abbreviation of et cetera.
    • 1791?, John Walker, “Principles of English Pronunciation” in Joseph Baretti’s English and Italian Dictionary, volume II (new ed., 1832), ‘Enclitical Accent’, § 518, page 684/2:
      Words in the following terminations have always the accent on that syllable where the two parts unite, that is on the antepenultimate syllable: in logy, as apology, ambilogy, genealogy, ec.; in graphy, as geography, orthography, historiography, ec.; in phagus, as sarcophagus, ichthyophagus, androphagus, ec.; in loquy, as obloquy, soliloquy, ventriloquy, ec.; in strophe, as catastrophe, apostrophe, anastrophe, ec.; in meter as geometer, barometer, thermometer, ec.; in gonal, as diagonal, octagonal, polygonal, ec.; in vorous, as carnivorous, granivorous, piscivorous, ec.; in ferous, as vacciferous, cocciferous, somniferous, ec.; in fluous, as superfluous, mellifluous, fellifluous, ec.; in fluent as mellifluent, circumfluent, interfluent, ec.; in vomos, as ignivomous, flammivomous, ec.; in parous, as viviparous, oviparous, deiparous, ec.; in cracy, as theocracy, aristocracy, democracy, ec.; in gony, as theogony, cosmogony, hexagony, ec.; in phony, as symphony, cacophony, colophony, ec.; in machy, as theomachy, logomachy, sciomachy, ec.; in nomy as economy, astronomy, Deuteronomy, ec.; in somy, as anatomy, lithotomy, ec.; in scopy as metoposcopy, deuteroscopy, ec.; in pathy, as apathy, antipathy, idiopathy, ec. in mathy, as opsimathy, polymahty, ec. ec.