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eco- +‎ poet


ecopoet (plural ecopoets)

  1. A writer of ecopoetry.
    • 1996, California State Coastal Conservancy, California coast and ocean, volumes 12-14
      Except for a few ecopoets and visionaries, nearly everyone saw open acreage around San Francisco Bay as prime real estate.
    • 2002, David W Gilcrest, Greening the lyre: environmental poetics and ethics
      For ecopoets language is an instrument that the poet continually refurbishes to articulate his originary experience in nature.
    • 2007, Kenneth R Cervelli, Dorothy Wordsworth's ecology
      Dorothy's journal entry beautifully captures this new, holistic perspective as a process, offering us a glimpse of not just a poet but an ecopoet at work.