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From eco- +‎ -scape.


ecoscape (plural ecoscapes)

  1. The organisational shape or layout of an ecosystem.
    • 2006, Gary Backhaus, John Murungi, Ecoscapes: Geographical Patternings of Relations - Page 140:
      In the introduction to this volume of essays the editor, Gary Backhaus, defines ecoscape as "the organizational shape of a habitat for life" which "makes thematic the spatial configuration (shape) of the interrelations and relations comprising some life-sustaining world.
    • 2011, Ian Douglas, The Routledge Handbook of Urban Ecology - Page 638:
      An ecoscape here is a multidimensional landscape of a social-economic-natural complex ecosystem, combining geographical patterns, hydrological process, biological vitality, anthropological dynamics and aesthetic contexts.